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Tube & wire fabricating is the specialty at Alternative Components. Fabricating capabilities include a wide range of processes including but not limited to the following: Bending (CNC rotary draw or vertical press), End forming, Press forming, Punching & Notching, welding & Brazing, Assembly & Staking operations, Tube Machining, and small scale Tube Hydroform. Product tube size ranges from 0.75mm [0.030”] to 175mm [7.000”] diameter and above for some operations. Tube wall thickness may range from 0.15mm [0.006”] to 12.0mm [0.500”]. Wire diameters up to 9.0mm [0.375”] may be fabricated. Materials include but are not limited to: LC steel, HSLA, SS steel (most grades), Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Titanium, and Incoloy. Combining these in house capabilities with other locally available processes   (i.e. laser & water jet cutting, powder coat paint, and heat treating) allows Alternative Components to be a total turnkey source for fabricated tube product.

Smooth Walker Golf Cart

Consumer Design / Prototype / Production

Only push-pull golf cart 100% made in the USA.


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