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Prototype function

Prototyping is an essential service that is provided by Alternative Components for short run quantities or to confirm part fit and function before committing to production tools. The prototype service also researches and develops new fabricating processes that are required to produce new product.

Shown below are just a few examples of the prototypes that Alternative Components is capable of. Alternative Components welcomes inquiries about capabilities. Please contact Sales or Prototype Dept. with any questions.

1/32" hole in tube

.032" dia. hole drilled in a 3/16 tube with out chip generation

Restrictor in quick connect end form

Restrictor orifice formed in the end of a 5/16" male quick connect end form in SS

Heat exchanger nipple

.120" wall SS hose connector nipple for heat exchanger

45 deg. mitered fitting

45 deg. miter joint, furnace brazed

Swage & bead fitting with bend

Stainless steel fuel tube with beads on swages close to a bend

Outside view of soup can funnel

Outside view of a funnel with rolled in lip retainer called the soup can assembly

Inside view of soup can funnel

Inside view of a funnel with rolled in lip retainer called the soup can assembly

Outside view of formed thread

outside view of  formed thread with curled lip in a stainless steel fuel filler funnel

Section view of formed thread

Inside section of  formed thread in a stainless steel fuel filler funnel

Integral groundwire lug

Integral wire lug for a ground wire

Double wall tube

Double wall tube

Radiator stabilizer rod end

Radiator stabilizer rod end

Mechanical seal fuel funnel

Mechanical seal fuel filler funnel

Dash support fixture

Yellow fixture to support dash while being spray painted on an automated line

Cadilac 16 Headers

Cadilac 16 cyl Headers layout and finished


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