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M3000 Triple Action End Former

This new end former is capable of beading 2.5" diameter low carbon steel tube with .083" wall.

Just a few of the M3000 features and capabilities are listed below:

Safety clamps close at low pressure                     Max. system pressure of 3000 psi

Automatic 1, 2, or 3 punch hits                            Custom cycle sequences

Clamp wedges to prevent clamp breathing            Punch shuttle shot pins to ensure punch centering

Slide plate to accommodate extra long punches     Tie rod construction for punch - clamp alignment

Stationary clamp can be switched to left or right side or both sides open


M3000 End Former

M3000 End  Former

Clamp system during assembly

Clamp system during assembly

M3000 Punch Shuttle during Assembly

Shuttle system during assembly

M3000 right side view

Right side view

Right side of clamp assembly

Right side of clamp assembly

M3000 left side view

Left side view

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