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Fabricating Processes & Products

Many different types of tube fabricating processes and products are performed and made daily at Alternative Components. Just a few of these are shown below.

Eaton Leonard bender

Horizontal Rotary Tube bending from .125" (3mm) diameter to 3.0" (76mm) diameter.

Press area

Press work operations such as: Flattening, Piercing, Punching, Trimming, Shape Contouring, & End Forming

Robot Welder

Robotic MIG welding of tubular assemblies.

Virtical bending set up

Vertical Bending with Pines T30

Resistance welding set up

Several configurations of Resistance Welding

Cold saw fixturing

Cold Saw cut off & trim operations

Brazing set up

Several dedicated stations of Brazing

Press bend set up

Press Bending

Beading set up

End forming & Beading operations

Manual assembly set up

Hand & machine assisted assembly operations

IP mount

Crushable IP mount from aluminum

Extrusion saw

Extrusions cut to length on extrusion saw

Extrusion hole punch

Extrusion hole punch

Tube form, punch & trim

Form flats, punch holes & scallop ends

Hole punch and extrude

Hole punch & extrude on an angle in stainless

Rock Slider broad side

Jeep JK Rock Slider

Rock Slider narrow front

Available for 07 - 09 models

Rock Slider wide front

Available for 2 & 4 door models

Rock Slider close up front

Jeep Rock Slider

Rock Slider Rail

JK Rock Slider Rail

JK Upper Radiator Support formed end

JK Upper Radiator Support formed end

JK Upper Radiator Support

JK Upper Radiator Support

JK Upper Radiator Support mid section

JK Upper Radiator Support mid section

Fuel Tank Filler Spuds

Fuel Tank Filler Spuds




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