Alternative Components


Turn key

The turn key description applies to the engineering services at Alternative Components. Engineering is available to assist in product design keeping in mind the balance between cost and function. The Engineers welcome the opportunity to use tube & wire form fabricating technology to replace existing components with alternative components made of cost effective tubing or wire. Customer ideas and proposals are the foundation blocks for design. Tools, equipment, and fabricated tubes are designed on in house CAD stations. Engineering at Alternative Components has worked with many types of customer component information ranging from simple hand sketches to CAD solid models. Many native and translating file types can be read including but not limited to the following: dwg, dxf, dwx, dwt, dws, igs, stp, prt, asm, sat, par, xpk, tcd .


Tool design and assembly are done in house to conserve time and cost and increase quality.



Supported Programs

Below are parts from just a few of the programs that Engineering has supported.

Formed tube end

Formed end of Radiator Support

Radiator Support

Full Radiator Support

Mid section of Radiator Support

Mid section of Radiator Support

IP panel mount

IP panel mount with push nuts

Gas Tank Spuds

configurations of Gas Tank Spuds


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